Our Services

At the Association of NIMP, we offer a range of support services for you and your teams:

A team of experts are on hand to help you and your team improve the level of care you can offer. Mentors work with you to assess your setting and the resources available and tailor a programme that will enable you to reach your goals.

To find out more about how Mentoring Support could benefit your setting, please email info@nimp.org.uk

We know that getting the right insight into particular subjects can be hard to do, so we offer a signposting services that puts you in touch with people in the know. The Association of NIMP is made up of individuals with a diverse knowledge bank who will help you with solutions, ideas and similar situations, so you can tackle issues head on.

Below are examples of just three of the members of the Association of NIMP who have specialist knowledge they can share and advise on:

Sign Language & Behavioural Management
Autism Guidance
Provision Mapping
Bernie Martin:
Barbara Jones:
Lorraine Morrissey:
Useful Links
Please take a look at some useful resources that may help your SENDco manage the team around the child. Invaluable documents, information, links to websites, and trainers for your setting.




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